At G2G, we empower women and youth independence in the community through entrepreneurship programs.

To enable our women and youth achieve the desired socio-economic change, we provide series of events and activities like business networking events, training and workshops to address economic development, unemployment, youth leadership, capacity building and also encourage active and vocal communities participation and promoting education and learning.

We provide training and workshops to develop or enhance development skills in our women and youth. These training and workshops are used as platforms were Indonesian women and youth can develop their entrepreneurial skills to attain economic sustainably. They are also targeted at helping to build confidence in our women and youth by exposing them to new ways of operating that will help in competing favorably with their counterparts in the developed world. These training and workshops are provided on an informal, friendly and one to one basis.

On the other hand, we also develop IT Platform to support our programs. These programs and activities provide opportunities for our women and youth to attain sustainable development and employability.

For these very purposes, we build partnerships with the local communities, businesses, and governments to develop a sustainable programs.

Our programs have the following qualities:

1. Unity

We promote unity and solidarity among communities of a desirable standard of living towards sustainable social economic development and income generation for the women and youth in the community. 

2. Impact

We focus on how to deliver a program which is able to tackle a social problem. We measure the change and evaluate the process periodically to know the impact of our programs. We created the success indicators to identify the high leverage of alteration. As for the economic empowerment, we track our beneficiaries’ welfare to make sure the significant roles of women and youth in economic development and cultural integration.

3. Sustainability

We commit to support in qualitative growth so communities constantly evolve and make changes to accomplish their goals. They are able to maintain or support an activity or process over the long term, so that their quality of life are increased.