Nowadays, the internet gave birth to new ways of communicating and conducting business. Consumers today are looking for convenience and time saving methods, they would tend to purchase and pay for goods at a website. It means an e-commerce is playing an increasingly important role in connecting sellers with buyers.

However, women and youth entrepreneurs in rural area who have agricultural products and handcrafts have limited knowledge to market their products through e-commerce. They still sell their products in conventional offline ways, so that’s why they cannot compete to other competitors who can drive consumers towards online shopping.

Those facts are also happening in Kayupuring Village, Petungkriyono Subdistrict, Pekalongan Regency, Central Java, Indonesia. The local women and youth entrepreneurs develop some micro, small and medium enterprises in the form of Home Industry (IRT) such as palm sugar, coffee, honey and chips. Unfortunately, they are still lack of knowledge in internet, packaging, branding and marketing tools.

Seeing these conditions, Grow to Give (G2G) encourages women and youth in Kayupuring Sub Village to develop local potential as local value by running an economic empowerment program entitled “Sustainable Village: Economic Empowerment for women and youth through developing rural tourism and local products."

Our main programs are:
a. Women-preneur
b. Youth Capacity Building Program
c. Rural Tourism Development